Pee the Bed

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As a child, I was a private person. In that sense, my friend and I were opposites. He knew me well. Our families were close. We went sled-riding together and played Laser Tag.

We also both attended the Christian school. Before praying at school, prayer requests were taken. Requests from kindergarten students could get interesting. Example:

‘Pray for my cat Tootie.’

‘Aw, ok, honey. What happened to her?’

‘She’s dead.’


One day, my good friend raised his hand, ‘Pray for me. I pee the bed.’

‘Ok, we’ll pray about that.’

< pause… 1,2,3… >

Alone in the spotlight, perhaps he began feeling increasingly uncomfortable.

‘Matt does too!’ he shouted.

< Matt’s face blushes ten shades of red, yearns to crawl underneath the table >

He was right. I peed the bed until later than most kids… and then sadly was notorious for it again in adulthood as a heavy drinker. Praise the Lord those days are over!

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