Ex-LGBT Stands Up to the LGBT and Cancel Culture

Ex-Gay missionary writer Matthew Karchner went head-to-head with heavy-hitting gay rights activist Wayne Besen on a super-liberal podcast, “Can Jesus Make You Straight?

A long time employee of PNC Financial Services (PNC Bank), Karchner resigned when pushed to support the LGBT agenda under the banner of “Diversity and Inclusion”.

Karchner and his wife serve as missionaries, based in Cambodia. He calls the LGBT to repentance and new life in Christ. Praise the Lord!

Karchner recently published his second testimony book:

Rolling out across 4 continents, Straight 2: ExGay Adventures in Christ is a collection of missional adventures and misadventures. In his past life, the exgay prodigal cowered back. After leaving behind a filthy gay lifestyle to discover new identity in Christ, Matt is thrown headlong into a trial-by-fire restoration. The Lord uses fear-breaking, faith-building missions to make a man of His servant. Some painful and embarrassing, these are long-delayed, coming-of-age stories!

Karchner’s controversial books are available @ amazon.com/author/matthewkarchner

2 Replies to “Ex-LGBT Stands Up to the LGBT and Cancel Culture”

  1. No such thing as a gay lifestyle, no such thing as a gay turned heterosexual, including those who wed women. Every major, decades-old ex-gay ministry from the US to Australia closed following the leaders admitting not one “ex-gay” became heterosexual. Some of those who still call themselves ex-gay were never gay to begin with, they were ephebophiles or pedophiles.


    1. Clarity: By the secular world’s standards (those who define “identity” based on temptation toward one sex or another), I do not claim to be “straight”. The inspired, inerrant Word of God holds that “gay” is not an identity but a sinful perversion of God’s brilliant created design that harmonized well with our fallen nature. The entire earth being comprised of sinners, we are warned not to follow our deceitful hearts (Jeremiah 17:9), but to follow our Creator and Savior, whose plan for humanity is made remarkably clear in His Word. While following homosexual temptation is sin, there is a way out of slavery to sin – by repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (denying self to live for Him who gives enduring peace, satisfaction and everlasting life).


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