PUBLISHED! “The Church: We Shoot Our Wounded”

Finally, my 3rd ex-gay testimony book is finished. PRAISE THE LORD!

CLICK HERE to buy Kindle e-book or Paperback.

KINDLE E-BOOK COVER $2.99 (left) & PAPERACK COVER $9.99 (right)

The Church: We Shoot Our Wounded finds an ex-gay prodigal returning to church to meet his resentful older brother. The Lord’s calling requires that he stand for unpopular truth, such as biblical male and female roles. As his message threatens revenue streams and church leaders’ very way of life, he becomes a target. The Lord having promised him a wife, he rejects godly counsel and hastily marries an alluring woman he barely knows. What happens next?

Using himself as the benchmark for imperfection, Matt encourages believing men to survive and thrive in the face of adversity. Regardless of weaknesses and past mistakes or what Satan throws at us through the world or church, the soldier for Christ must Fight to Follow!

Any of us could die at any moment.  CLICK HERE to find out how you can know enduring peace, God’s purpose for your life and be sure you will go to heaven when your brief time on earth is up.


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